Shipping Comparison – USPS VS UPS 2021

Are you confused about which one out of the two, UPS or USPS, and which one to choose? If yes, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about USPS and UPS. After reading this article, I assure you that you will choose the one you need easily. So, read this article to the end.

A General Overview of UPS and USPS

These services are internationally acclaimed, which offers both global and domestic courier services, having their own advantages and disadvantages in the eCommerce businesses. Specifically, USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground give a tough competition to each other, and it is hard for eCommerce businesses to decide the ideal option for them. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages covered in this article.

Which Courier Service is the Best for eCommerce Businesses?

For smaller packages having a weight lesser than 13 lbs is considered better to be shipped by USPS. On the other hand, UPS is considered better for shipping larger packages. As compared to UPS, USPS is faster, but certain rules prohibit USPS from shipping a lot of things in the package.

Since UPS has a great and better tracking system than USPS, UPS is considered superior internationally. Go to Official Website of UPS and it does not offer free weekend deliveries. However, USPS does, therefore for weekends, choosing USPS is a wiser option.

Also, it is not only about the services. Each eCommerce business has its own potential and different requirements. You must consider some important things like ideal delivery times, budget, whether they are shipping internationally, nationally, or both, and many more factors that must be taken into consideration before rushing towards any decision.

By comparing both of their features, pricing, pros, cons, etc., a business person can take a wise decision to betterment his/her own business. Here, below we tell you how both USPS and UPS are different.

USPS Vs. UPS – Differences

  • USPS is United States Postal Service run by the United States Federal Government, while UPS is United Parcel Service, a publicly-traded company.
  • USPS is better for smaller packages, while UPS is better designed for shipping larger packages.
  • They both have very different entities and backgrounds.

USPS Priority Vs. UPS Ground

Both of these are the most popular services from each one of them. Here is a comparison between the two –

  • Tracking Packages: UPS being a private company, has a better reputation for package tracking. This is specifically very important for international couriers. Although USPS is trying its best to focus more on its tracking system, it can still not match the level of the one UPS use.
  • Speed of Delivery: USPS delivery is faster. It usually takes around 2-3 business days, while UPS Ground may take up to 2 weeks.
  • Pricing: USPS is considerably cheaper than UPS. Specifically, if you want to ship objects weighing 2 lbs or less, USPS is always cheaper. With USPS Priority, you can use flat rate boxes, which allows you to put more items altogether.

Pricing: USPS Vs. UPS

To give you a rough idea, a typical 5 lb package will cost something like this –

  • With USPS Priority Mail, 2-Day will take 2 working days and cost you $ 26.35.
  • USPS Retail Ground will take 3-7 working days and cost you $ 10.60.
  • With UPS, 3-Day Select will take 5 days and cost you $ 16.30.
  • With UPS, Ground will take 6 days and cost you $ 10.46.

UPS Vs. UPSP: Services

Services offered by USPS are –

  • Media Mail: For less than 70 lbs and delivers in 2-8 business days.
  • Retail Ground: For oversized packages.
  • First Class Mail: For 13 lbs or less and delivers in 1-3 business days.
  • Priority Mail: For 70 lbs below and delivers in 1-3 business days.
  • Priority Mail Express: Their fastest service delivering overnight.

Services offered by UPS are –

  • UPS Groud: Most economical but takes 1-5 business days.
  • UPS 2nd Day and 3rd Day Select: For 2nd and 3rd-day deliveries.
  • UPS Next Day Air: Delivers next day.
  • UPS Express Critical: Their fastest service but very expensive.

UPS Vs. USPS: Pros and Cons

USPS Pros –

  • Can deliver to Post Offices and Mail Boxes.
  • Free packaging material available
  • Great reputation, delivers on time even under the worst circumstances.
  • Economical, especially for packages less than 13 lbs.

USPS Cons - 

  • Lacks in terms of tracking packages.
  • Bad customer service reputation

UPS Pros –

  • Discounts on regular shipping.
  • Affordable rates for packages heavier than 2 lbs.
  • Same and next-day delivery services available.
  • Reliable tracking system.
  • Secure and rapid delivery.
UPS Cons –
  • No Saturday delivery in regular services.
  • Free pickup is not available, and a flat rate is charged.
  • Comparatively, higher shipping costs.

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What else can be better than getting an assemblage of videos from a number of sites on a single platform and that too without paying any charges? Watch Movies on Showbox Apk, an application for the Android platform makes this fantasy of the users come true by providing them with an un matchable video watching experience and all these free of cost. The users can choose from a number of movies, TV Shows, video clips and piles of other content that the application houses.

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The application is not available for direct download from Google Play Store. Rather the users need to download the application from the official site of the app using any of the download managers. The app has a size of about just 30 MB. It is indeed a well-designed app and optimised to consume less battery and RAM. However, the users might find a number of applications on the Google Play Store with the same name and even the logo. But they should refrain from downloading the fake versions of the app and bringing any damage to their smart phones.

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Game Killer For PC - Hack Android Games On PC - Ultimate Guide

Just like Game Killer works for your android phone it also works well on your Personal Computer.  This is one of the best tools to crack and hack all the android games on your device. Without any difficulty, you can modify all the games and apps and take all the advantages of getting more coins and gems.

To unlock many features and go to the next level of the game you will need extra coins or gems. With the help of Game Killer app, you can achieve and hack all those riches as this app is very easy to use. Check below some of the few features of this app.

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How to Download and Install Game Killer for PC?

It is very easy and quick process to download and install Game Killer app on your PC. Follow some of the simple steps to download and install.

  • To download the file on your PC first, you need an Android emulator and then visit any web browser which is trusted and download Game Killer app.

  • Choose a result that is being provided and scroll down to the download button.
  • After downloading navigate the folder and install it.
  • After that, you can find the app in the Android emulator section and use the app.

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Best Earbuds Under $50 and $100 in 2017 Great Collection

Most of the people don’t wish to spend hundreds of dollars for purchasing a branded earbuds just for listening to songs or for the purpose of communication regarding work. People don’t spend much for the earbuds instead they simply go for cheap quality earbuds for their daily usage. But, if you are most particular about your convenience and quality of sound, then we recommend you to purchase the best branded and quality earbuds. Sometimes, you might find that the best quality headphones also become deficient in producing the best sound.

In that case, you need to forfeit the quality of sound even after spending hundreds of dollars on that pair of earbuds. There are copious brands available in the market that designs the best quality earbuds that produce excellent sound quality. Some of the best brands available in the market include Philips, Samsung, Panasonic Oppo and a lot more. You need to make sure that the earbuds you buy are quite comfortable, precise fit for your ears and audible in the best way.

The consumers must not go down when speaking about the sound quality offered by the earbuds. If you are seeking for the best earbuds fewer than 50 dollars, we are here to assist you in the best way. In this post, we have come up with a best compilation of earbuds for a price of below $50. We have included the list of best quality and affordable earbuds for all the music lovers. Have a look!

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Mobdro Apk Download for smart TV - Download Mobdro for iPhone/iPad, iOS Devices

Mobdro is one such android application, where the users can browse through millions of videos assembled from a great number of platforms into one place. It is indeed a charm to be able to surf through videos from different sites at once especially when it is bundled with a lot of cool features including share, like and comment. Mobdro Apk Download for Smart TV has it all for the users and the best part about the app is that it is completely free of cost. Although there is a paid membership plan on the app as well, the free membership can do miracles as well. The app is currently available only on Android platforms and might be available for the Apple users and Windows users in the future as well.

Mobdro for Smart Tv


The users must take a note that Mobdro does not host its own videos, rather uses different sites to assemble its own collection of videos. All the videos are sorted as per their genres and can be easily located by the users. There are several categories for the videos including sports, gaming, music, movies and what not. There are also live streaming options for the users under the sports category. The video playback quality is absolutely fine but however, some users have complained regarding certain lags while playing the videos. The search feature of the application is highly accurate and useful too. The application also provides the users with a benefit of saving the videos that they like so that they can vide them later in offline mode too.

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Thanks to the constantly changing Economy, there is indeed a dependence on technology as the only way to survive such an uncertain Economic state. Now there is a demand for fast Information Technology set ups that can boast of a high degree of security, ones that would cause no harm to the Environment and are more business inclined.

With Organizations constantly striving to be above competition, there has been a huge turn on to technology. Organizations looking to get a competitive edge seem to have realized that taking advantage of technological advancement is one way to rise above the rest.This automatically leads organizations on a search for a quick fix, better ways of doing things, as this means organizations no longer want to go the "Business as usual route."


Organizations ordinarily have reservations where recent technology is concerned and so most of such organizations have taken their time to investigate breakthroughs and advancements in technology. They do this before adopting recent technological developments, as a way of weighing pros and cons and also weighing the risks involved so as not to get involved in anything that could hurt the business they want to protect.

It is this research of theirs that revealed that: These breakthroughs and advancements are mostly about recycling IT functions. Thus nothing beats currently, to revolutionize technology and its strategy as it affects hosting solutions.

Cloud computing has proven itself worthy as one sure way to gain an edge in today’s market of intense competition. This means that businesses can no longer afford to have internet down times as a minute of this kind of mishap can lead to huge losses like decline in sales and even the death of a business. The usual traditional data centre for corporate organizations that is often found within the grounds of most companies no longer exist with Cloud computing.

What Cloud computing has come to do is to replace this system with more secure and out of premise centers with either a private or public sort of arrangement. Single companies require private clouds. But when we have an assortment of companies making use of the same resources, then public clouds are required. It is at this point that more research needs to be done as it would be important in knowing and choosing which cloud arrangement is most suitable for you especially where privacy and legal requirements are concerned.


Some of the other problems encountered by technology departments in various industrial sectors include: decline in budgets, cut - back on staffs and also the intense pressure mounted on the Information technology unit to prove its relevance in solving major business related issues. A lot of IT departments suffer from tunnel vision into the future. Most of them focus on daily targets like network and spending large amount of money in maintaining the existing system.


What this does is; it halts creativity, improvements and also strategic planning. With that said, you can still boast of a competitive edge which can be gotten when daily routines are swapped for those strategy initiatives.

Cloud computing has got an array of potentials, making it an unbeatable option for major problems plaguing businesses today. Processes like upgrading registers for data entry applications, the launch of new synchronization portals or the task of remodeling demanding e-mail systems, have been made into possibilities today with the help of cloud computing. In the past, Engineers from all works would have been employed to do then what cloud can do now.


For new and improved initiatives, the best way to go is to simply build a partnership kind of relationship with IT departments. This type of relationship would automatically mean great impact on the success if our initiatives. A good hosting provider would serve as a direct extension of your Information Technology unit, offer tangible solutions to businesses and also come up with newer and better ways to strategize.



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One very key point to note is the fact that the success of Cloud Computing Is directly proportional to the success of your business. So one sure way to grow businesses to a very important height is to invest in cloud computing. This would not only safeguard valuable information, it would also harness innovation and creative ideas for your business.

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Automatic communication




Emailing as a means of communication has been around for a while. Email is the 21st century fax. It is currently the top communication medium for the 21st century workplace, one that is constantly undergoing various forms of modification. The changes and increased complexity of the emailing system could be as frequent as daily. Emails have become a key part of work flow process and it is an absolutely brilliant form of:

  1. Automatic communication.


  1. Increasing the communication line between clients (employees) and customers.


  1. Disseminating information without having to drown employees in the tiring process of sending reports and updates. It actually saves employee time.

Still on the modifications made to the emailing system, there has indeed been a series of applications that have been designed solely to synchronize with the company's messaging. Some of these apps help employees generate automated bills, while some are all about notifications and warnings about vital projects. All of this however needs a level of expertise to ensure that information put on it doesn't get lost due to issues like synchronization being done by someone who isn't an expert in the field.


If this ever happens, a lot is lost. Apart from the fact that this could cause both internal and external loss of communication, this could also lead to poor customer satisfaction and this automatically leads to a decline in profit.


Now just when we thought that emails were the next best thing, cloud computing emerged to replace the seemingly old ways of emailing in the business environment. Good as it sounds, the cloud system could be an expensive technological advancement. Considering factors like cost of purchasing the software, replacement of server and of course the money spent on application training. With cloud computing, it is either you go big or you go home because every time spent away is an opening to get competition ahead of you.

Take for instance the story of a middle sized organization having to deal with tough times. They had mailboxes reaching maximum capacity, three very old servers which should have been the backup plan for the said organization, also having dysfunctional hard ware issues. Now at first glance, pumping money into hard and software purchases to replace the malfunctioning ones seemed like the obvious solution.

Well that was until Senior IT staffs found out about the huge benefits associated with Microsoft Exchange Hosting Solution and so they decided to move the local servers to the outsourced centers and this led to an impressive result.

With this new system, the number of help calls gotten daily was reduced by 10% in just the first month. Also with the team of experts they had at their disposal, email availability became higher than ever. The newly adopted hosting team ensured that maintenance was done on a more regular note. They also ensured that KPIs were monitored closely and issues were treated with swift responses. Such proactivity, dedication and discipline would have been impossible with the previous emailing system and IT staff.

The move to Microsoft Exchange Hosted Service took away the need to invest in new servers or even latest software upgrades. The expenditure that would have been as a result of impromptu hardware replacement was also cut off. Instead the hosting cost which was fixed helped to keep budget in check thus company funds were spent wisely. The hosting system also had internet compliant documentation system, another sure way the company made profit n saved up more money.

All the implementation of advanced technology eventually led to better serviced and satisfied clients. Right now the business boasts of an amazing email system as well as electronic auditing process. Thanks to the redundancy of old servers, they also experienced lower carbon emissions. As leaders or aspiring leaders in the tech world, we should never base the success of our businesses on traditional elements. Instead we should always aspire for better ways, better versions and more technological advancements to take our businesses to the height we so want to attain. Technology has proven itself worthy and ready to take all interested businesses to a whole new level of growth and success.


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